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Pediatric/Special Needs Optical Fitting


When fitting glasses, it becomes a whole new ballgame when working with pediatrics and special needs. Fit and durability become even more paramount – especially if the kiddo is new to wearing specs. Children are generally active and not as cognizant of, and can even be averse to, something worn on the face for most of the day. Which is why here at Frameworks Eyewear, we take fitting children and special needs very seriously - and do so with the utmost care and patience. For instance, we would fit a child with autism completely differently than we would a child with Down Syndrome. Also, the way we fit those two special needs children would greatly differ from how we fit a child that does not have special needs. While each may have similar needs, they also have needs that greatly differ from one another - and that must be taken into consideration when fitting them with glasses. What’s good for the goose, is not always good for the gander.

 While each optician at Frameworks Eyewear is qualified to fit pediatrics/special needs, we have a dedicated pediatric/special needs ABOC Optician. Her name is Ellen Fagergren and she is magnificent! She has over 24+ years of experience in the optical industry – with the majority of that time being dedicated to working with and fitting children from ages preemie and up. She has a wealth of knowledge - from how to get your kiddo to actually wear their glasses, to explaining the details and intricacies of optics and disorders that can affect the eye. She has mastered the art of pediatric eyeglass adjusting and repairs. So, should your little one break their glasses, or get them bent out of shape, chances are Ellen can get them back in working order! And, because of Framework’s awesome warranty program, if the glasses aren’t fixable - we’ll replace them.

Because fitting children, and/or children with special needs, is a specialized and often involved process, we have implemented dedicated time slots with Ellen. This ensures you and your kiddo will have Ellens’s undivided time, expertise, and attention. To schedule an appointment, please click on the link below.

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