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Updated: Jun 22, 2020


I don’t know about other opticians out there, but here at Frameworks Eyewear, we’re pretty sweet on Maui Jim sunglasses.

I feel their sunglass lens technology is second to none - in my personal, humble opinion. ;-)

Not to mention their stylish, beautiful frames… Just slipping a pair onto my face can transport me to the other-worldly beaches of Hawaii - without the expensive airfare and tedious packing.

Can you feel it? The slightly humid air, kissed with salt from the sea, riding passage among the scent of Plumeria. Soft, warm breeze, playfully caressing your skin…

Can you see it? The rich, lush, vivid colors of islands only the hand of God could have created.

Yup - this is what Maui Jim does. It transports the images you see into a dimension of richer color, and sharper definition - allowing you to experience your world at its brightest.

Maui Jim made its debut on the beautiful beaches of Maui - Lahaina to be exact. First sold by a fisherman named Jim Richards - he was known as the original ‘Maui Jim’. He sold seven styles of sunglasses, up and down Ka’anapali Beach, along the Maui Coast. I’m pretty sure that’s one of my top 3 dream jobs...

Okay, now let’s hit some early highlights of Maui Jim:

-After a few years, the company branched out into polarized sunglass lenses. Something was needed to combat the incredibly bright, and powerful Hawaiin glare.

-Walter Hester was a boat captain turned oilman. He saw the value, and potential in Maui Jim sunglasses, after trying a pair himself. He purchased the company in 1991. He named the company “Hester Enterprises, Inc.”

-In 1994, Illinois-based RLI Vision became the mainland distributor for the company, then called Maui Jim Sunglasses.

-Then, in 1996, the company bought RLI Vision from the parent company in Peoria, Illinois, and named the new combined company Maui Jim, Inc.

-Maui Jim also has a distribution center in Braunschweig, Germany. This location is Maui Jim’s European headquarters.

-In 2006, they opened their first prescription lab in Peoria, Illinois, and by 2018, they started selling optical glasses.

One of the reasons Maui Jim is so successful is because they embrace, and conduct themselves with the “Aloha Spirit” - or the “Aloha Way of Life”. “The Aloha Spirit” is actually enshrined in Hawaiian law. It’s all about putting others first. Doing unto others what you would have them do unto you - and that is reflected in how their company is run, their exceptional customer service, and awesome warranties. The letters of the word “Aloha” spell out it’s intention:

Akahai, meaning kindness to be expressed with tenderness.

Lokahi, meaning unity to be expressed with harmony.

Olu’ola, meaning agreeable to be expressed with pleasantness.

Ha’aha’a, meaning humility to be expressed with modesty.

Ahonui, meaning patience to be expressed with perseverance.

As I mentioned before, Maui Jim’s lens technology is incredible.

Natural beauty and vibrant colors can be lost to glare. Maui Jim has a patented lens technology, along with proprietary lens colors. They’ve combined 6 different points of technology to create these awesome lenses:

-Premium polarizing film that is infused into the lens itself, which eliminates 99.9% of reflected glare.

-Bi-gradient mirror coating on front of lenses, which deflects light and simulates squinting of the eyes.

-Color enhancing lens which uses natural light to filter out interference, allowing colors to pop.

-Backside anti-reflective treatment blocks reflected light and glare from behind.

-Patented CLEARSHELL treatment which has hydrophobic and oleophobic components to shed water and repel oil and grease.

-Maui Jim lenses are infused with 3 rare Earth elements: Neodymium, Erbium, and Praseodymium - which, when combined, increase the amount, and quality, of reds, greens, and blues the eye perceives.

Take a look!

In addition to all of the above, they also have a few really cool lens materials:

-MauiBrilliant is Maui Jim’s most advanced polarized lens material that features optics nearly as clear as glass with just one-third of the weight.

-MauiPure is our most popular polarized lens material. It combines optics almost as crisp as SuperThin Glass with ultralightweight and excellent scratch and shatter resistance.

-Maui Evolution features the lightweight and scratch and shatter resistance of polycarbonate while offering a much higher optical clarity.

-Polycarbonate is a lightweight polarized lens and is injection molded for clear optics and is also scratch-resistant. Our Polycarbonate lens is designed to offer the most shatter resistance possible and is an excellent choice for fast-paced activities when durability and weight are a priority.

Take a little trip to Frameworks Eyewear, and let us sweep you away on a tropical excursion with one of our Maui Jim sunglasses. Whether it be the breathtaking Maui beaches, the lush Hawaiin landscape, the fragrant, tropical flowers, or the crystal clear waters tinged with blue, we can help transport you to the world of “Maui Jim”. Why settle for ordinary, when you can embrace the extraordinary?



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