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Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Picture it - Turin, Italy - 1917… Optician and photographer, Giuseppe Ratti, (then owner of Berry Opticians), developed ‘Protectors’ - an eyewear line designed to be superior in comfort and protection - specifically for aviators and sports drivers.

His new sunglass line soon gained popularity and were being worn by air forces around the world. Not only that, but, they were also being worn by champion automobile and motorcycle racers of the day.


‘The years ΄30 - ΄50:

Subsequent development of the Protector model, guided by intuition and determination to create truly revolutionary sunglasses in terms of quality and ease of wearing, led to the creation of the Persol trademark (Persol from “per il sole”, (Italian), meaning “for the sun”, highlighting their function of protection against the sun’s rays).’

It was in the 1930s that the swords of ancient warriors inspired Persol’s famous “Arrow symbol”, (often referred to as the “Supreme Arrow”). Many of Persol’s frames sport this symbol. The very first design of the arrow was made by the founder of the company, Giuseppe Ratti, but has since undergone dozens of variations.

A really unique feature of a Persol frame is the signature element of “Meflecto”. This element of the frame consists of a nylon and metal cylinder inserted into acetate to make a flex effect. This makes the frame extremely comfortable to wear - not to mention durable. No other brand name uses this technology.

Persol frames are made out of high-quality acetate. Acetate is produced from the flowers of cotton - making them hypo-allergenic. The process of manufacturing the frames is very labor-intensive and has many steps.

Persol is Italian luxury at it’s best. It’s one of the oldest eyewear lines in the world. Currently most famous for its durability - especially in sports. The smooth, solid lines and curves will put one at ease - no matter what adventure they’re undertaking. Whether it’s grocery shopping or a bucket list Amazon Rainforest excursion - Persols will have your back… and your eyes.

Curious about those beautifully crafted “Meflecto” flex temples? Or, the polished curves of Persol? No need to wonder… Come into Frameworks Eyewear… Let us show you our own little ‘suns’ - our Persols. You don’t have to wait for Spring to fully arrive to be showered in sunshine. ;-)


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