FL-41: Migraine And Light Sensitivity Glasses

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

We’ve all heard the term ‘rose-colored glasses’. But, did you know there are actually rose-colored glasses that can help with certain vision and medical conditions? It’s true! The filter, or tint, that gives them their rosy color is called FL-41. The FL-41 filter can be applied to Rx, or non-Rx, glasses lenses. This filter can help ease some of the negative effects of conditions such as:

-Light triggered migraine headaches


-Light triggered seizures

-CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome)

-Indoor light sensitivity

-Blue light sensitivity

-Other light-sensitive/triggered condition

FL-41 was developed in the 1980s by a Dr. Arnold Wilkins of Cambridge University (UK). He had patients who were suffering from eye strain and headaches due to fluorescent lighting. He and his team named the tint “Fluorescent-41,” or “FL-41.”

Researchers at The Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre (UK) also looked at FL-41 glasses for children. The researchers found that wearing the FL-41 filter improved the light sensitivity in these children, as well as lessened the frequency and severity of their migraine headaches. Since that time, FL-41 filtered lenses have been used to treat these and other light-sensitive/triggered conditions.


How does the FL-41 filter work?

Although we are not completely sure how the FL-41 filter works, it does seem to have something to do with the wavelengths/spectrums of light that are filtered out. FL-41 filters out certain wavelengths of blue and green. These colors are thought to be particularly bothersome to patients who suffer from light-sensitive/triggered conditions. By blocking these wavelengths of light, this filter also improves contrast and sharpness which increases visual acuity.

Are there any side effects from wearing FL-41 filter?

There are no known side effects from wearing the filter.

Can the FL-41 filter be worn indoors and outdoors?

Yes - the FL-41 filter can be worn indoors and/or outdoors. However, that having been said, the FL-41 filter is typically used, (and seems to be most beneficial), in an indoor arena and setting. We’ve found that most patients prefer polarized sunglass lenses out of doors. There are a few, though, who do prefer the FL-41 filter outdoors as well as indoors. If you’re wanting them for multiple settings/environments, more than one pair will typically be needed.

If you feel you could benefit from the FL-41 filter, come see us at Frameworks Eyewear. Let us help make your view of the world a more rosy one. ;-)


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