Mikli... Alain Mikli, That Is...

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

What, or who, rather, do you get when you combine impeccable Parisian taste and craftsmanship, along with a bold, passionate Armenian love of color and expression…?

Give up?

You get none other than Mr. Alain Mikli - that’s who. A high-end eyewear designer who has set out to revolutionize the eyewear world.

Born in 1955 in Sainte-Colombe New Lyon, France, Mr. Mikli moved to Paris when he was 12 years old. At age 16, he decided he wanted to dedicate himself to a specific trade. As luck would have it, there was a school that specialized in optical professions very near to his apartment. The Lycee Fresnel School.

It has been said that Alain Mikli was the first person to achieve worldwide success as a designer of nothing else but eyeglasses. Establishing his own brand in 1978, it took only a short time to catch the eyes of big names such as Sir Elton John - he was one of the first celebrities who fell in love with Mr. Mikli’s designs. Many of the outrageous shapes and styles worn by Elton John were custom-created for him by Alain Mikli.

Kayne West also sported a pair in his 2007 music video, “Stronger”.

Alain Mikli was ahead of his time in his designs. In the early 80’s he and his friend drove around Japan to different opticals, trying to showcase his new designs. They made presentations to many opticians, and while they were encouraging, they never bought any. They were too new - too ahead of their time. Not anymore, though. Alain Mikli’s frames have really come into their own. They are now well-known, worn, and well-loved by people worldwide. And why wouldn’t they be? Before you even touch one of his frames, the aesthetics, alone, speak volumes to the thought, craftsmanship, and quality that were put into each and every frame. The layers of unique color and texture. The smooth, polished finish. The bold frame lines melting into subtle curvatures, here and there… Each frame design reflecting the individuality of the face it sits upon. And then when you hold one… Actually slip it onto your face…. Aaauuuugghhhh….. Pure perfection.

Words from Alain Mikli:

“Spoken language is not needed when we have eye contact. My parents taught me to look people in the eye so that I could understand what they were thinking. For me, the language of the eyes is like music: full of feelings. So, when you don’t want to expose your soul and your mind openly, glasses can be like a veil to keep your privacy. Eyewear can protect or attract. This is what my glasses do.”

Whether you’re looking to shield the windows of your soul from the world or to be a center stage attraction, Frameworks Eyewear has the perfect Alain Mikli frame to reflect whatever your desires may be.


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