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Screwless Steel ic! berlin Eyeglasses and Sunglasses with Supreme Style!

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Screwless Steel Eyeglasses and Sunglasses with Supreme Style!

Indestructible and fashionable are the best ways to describe the newest line of eyewear from ic! berlin. Produced in their own facility in, of course, Berlin, the fine art of German engineering is apparent, in every aspect of this line of eyewear.

The problems associated with traditional eyewear such as loose or lost screws have been eliminated, while the strength and sturdiness of this line of eyewear are becoming renowned. In today’s world functionality and durability rules. Individuals are busy and want one less problem to worry about.

Broken and/or loose glasses are not what any eyeglass wearer wants to have to deal with constantly. Replacing vision-correcting glasses or even sunglasses constantly can be time-consuming. Enter ic! berlin with their screwless, almost indestructible line of fashionable eyewear.

Traditionally manufactured eyeglasses can break easily unfortunately many times, with the propensity to become loose the more that the eyewear is worn, and everyone who wears glasses does know that slipping off one’s face does indeed cause glasses to fall to the ground and more likely than not, onto hard surfaces.

Stainless steel is sturdy but until the line of eyewear from ic! berlin was developed, it was not very flexible. It was previously also heavy. Ic! berlin has developed a process that has taken stainless steel to new heights, with the sprung stainless steel used to craft this line of eyewear.

The heaviness has been removed while preserving the tensile strength of this metal and adding lightweight strength that is as flexible as possible. Even, of course, more flexible and stronger than more traditional materials used in eyewear.

Passion shows in this new line, as does the diligent effort that was put into the processes. Handcrafted and produced exclusively in Germany, ic! berlin has been in business since 1996 and the entire line now is expansive and suits both men, women, and children of all ages.

In fact, the stainless-steel flexibility of the line is absolutely perfect for children since every parent knows how many times a child can break their eyewear! There is a style for everyone, with a myriad of choices, and although tenacious in strength, the costs are affordable, so many individuals purchase more than one pair.

In the entrepreneurial revolution that is now taking place in Germany, and with more individuals wearing eyewear both for vision correction and sunshine protection, this new line breathes love of eyewear and comfort into all purchasers of this brand.

The screwless technology prevents having to constantly have eyewear adjusted, and no more worries about repeated trips for readjustment or replacement of eyewear are needed. Eyeglass wearers are now released from the burden of carrying around a pocket-sized screwdriver with extra screws.

Glasses, in the philosophy of ic! berlin is meant not only to correct vision and shield from the sun’s rays but to bring joy to the wearer. Eyewear is a component of each individual’s style, and changing styles and trends do occur as do individual tastes.

Each individual wants comfort and durability yet does not want to sacrifice style. Eyewear is now “in” rather than considered an embarrassment as it was before the 1990s. Having the perfect set of glasses is now a symbol of fashionable and tasteful choice.

Ic! berlin with its innovative use of the latest technological advances now can present the world with a truly screwless yet durable alternative to eyewear that has been needed for some time now.

And the presentation of individual styles is vast. Whether seeking a classic style or a more daring approach to eyewear, this line of eyeglasses provides a vast array of styles.

Styles that are not only sturdy but fashionable and affordable have been of course much wanted for some time but it took the perfection of German engineering to bring this pioneering style of eyewear to the USA.

Frameworks Eyewear is proud to feature an extensive and exclusive line of eyewear from ic! berlin for those that have longed for not only fashionable eyewear but comfortable and durable eyewear.

As the Frameworks Eyewear slogan states, “Be Seen.” Now all clients can be seen both comfortably, safely, and of course, with the newest line of eyewear that will last almost forever, ic! berlin.

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