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Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Eyeglasses are corrective or protective devices for the eyes and for thousands of years, it has been used by humans to improve and protect their eyes or vision. The earliest form of corrective lens can be traced back to the Roman times, when the Romans used glass spheres filled with water in order to enlarge and observe objects. From there, the concept of hand-held lenses were used by scholars who transcribed books in the 13th century. In 1400’s, the concept of metal framed eyewear’s was widely found and since then, eyewear technology has evolved tremendously overtime.

Starck Eyewear founder Philippe Starck , is a French industrial architect and designer known for his wide range of designs, including interior design, architecture, vehicles and household objects. His career as a designer began in the 1980’s and his designs has always unified the elements of ergonomics, ecology and function. He was highly influenced and inspired by his father Andre Starck who was an engineer and made invention a duty. In 1996, Starck along with the well-known eyewear designer Alain Mikli founded Starck Eyes.

The Starck Eyewear hinge design mimicked the human shoulder and as a brand, it reformed the eyewear category by creating the exclusive BIOLINK technology. Screw-less hinges, inspired by the bio-mechanic articulation of the human shoulder, ensures 360 degrees of multidirectional movement, flexibility, automatic positioning and maximum comfort for the wearer. The temples can also be bent outward, folded and also twisted.

As a brand, the Starck Eyewear embodies the philosophy that glasses are not just accessories for fashion but rather an extension of the wearer. Therefore creating a harmonious relationship between the human body and eyeglasses together with Bionism - which is the idea of taking inspiration from what is organic(nature) in order to create technology better suited to the human being. The design of the Starck eyewear dematerializes and eliminates short-lived and useless things while increasing the density and intelligence of the technology. This produces a minimalist and innovative design which requires the eyewear to be as discreet as possible.

Many of the most popular Starck Eyewear styles are produced from ‘cellulose-acetate’ which is derived from processed wood pulp and cotton. This material is mainly used in eyewear production as it has great properties such as strength, deep gloss finish and high transparency. However, in the fall of 2020, Starck Biotech Paris launched an innovative turning point technology known as ‘Sphere’ which merges with more biomechanics and centers around Bionism.

The Sphere collection presents an ultra-light frame which weighs about 12 grams, without any screws nor soldering. Its minimal structure displays a unique hinge which ensures maximum comfort and flexibility. The titanium temples present a delicate twist and a unique geometry of the frame and nose bridge to fit all types of face shape. An exclusive infusion of innovative materials such as Gravity Evo®, titanium, forged carbon and bio-acetate provide an ultra-light frame which produces both comfort and fit. The new Sphere frames also come in eco-friendly cases made of a special apple fiber leather.

The Starck eyewear brand provides both male and female glasses in different shapes, sizes and colors. For individuals looking for a distinctive frame that will empower them, Starck eyewear is a perfect choice as the brand produces frames with unique features as well as outstanding quality and style for everyday use. Frameworks Eyewear is proud to feature Starck eyewear within their extensive eyewear collection.

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