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If you haven't heard about Gucci then you must be living in outer space because Gucci is one of the oldest and most famous leading Luxury brands in the world. Guccio Gucci opened his workshop and store in Florence in the early 1920s but it wasn't until Tom Ford—yes, that Tom Ford became Gucci's creative director in 1992 that products like colognes and perfumes, cosmetics, watches, and the extremely famous Gucci sunglasses were added to Gucci’s several products.

Gucci has set the tone in the fashion industry, particularly with their eyewear with innovative runway collections, and groundbreaking creativity in a continuous creative narrative while nurturing a sense of belonging.

This luxurious eyewear meets several customers' needs because of its eclecticism. Gucci offers sophistication, fashion, and class. Gucci might have stores all over the world but its consumers are not just a demographic it's a lifestyle for them and many musicians bringing up Gucci in their songs only affirms that fact.

So why does everyone want to own a Gucci product? Have you seen Gucci's designs? From the beautiful bold green and red color to the golden double ‘G’ that represents the Gucci logo and of course, the unique bumble bee design, all incorporated into a beautiful frame. The brands inclusive approach is propelled by the mantra "self-expression" which engages clients across all age groups. Its constant capacity for reinvention and regeneration makes it most desirable to many.

Gucci Eyewear is divided into four main families, with different features that suit each customer's taste or lifestyle. The Families are; Web, Gucci Logo, Seasonal Icon, Fashion Inspired, and Capsule.

The Family Web collection consists of the “Web Plastic Temple” that features the Sylvie, Pop web and Sock. There is also the “Web Metal Enamel” that Features the Retro Web, Vintage Web, Web Wirecore, Web Plaque and Cylindric web. And lastly, is the “Web Sport” that features the Rubberised and Gucci sport.

The Gucci Logo families are also of three lines, the “GG Lady” featuring Decor, Light Acetate, Light Metal, Light Glasant, Handmade Acetate, GG Pop Web, GG Acetate,Gradient, and Fork. Next on the list is the “GG Sir” that features Decor, Light Acetate, Light Combi, Light Glasant, and Handmade Acetate. The third on the list is “GG Chill” and it features the Web Block, L’aveugle par amour and 80s Monocolor.

The family's “Seasonal Icons” are divided in just two lines: the “GG Collection” that features Symbols, New Decor, Stars, Pearl, Gucci Strass, and Guilocchet. The other category is “GG Material & Colors Styling” that features Big Rivets, 80S Multilayer, Miami Vice, and Leather.

The "Fashion Inspired" collection features Fashion Show, Eyes, Hearts, Rocks, and Fashion Show Evolution.

Each "Capsule" collection is supported by a 360° project, for instance its dedicated packaging, in-store visibility and communication support this idea. It features Dos Exclusive, Gucci Garden, and Dapper Dan.

One other thing that made the Gucci eyewear special are the different and one of a kind materials they use. All Gucci collections are made in either Italy or Japan (for titanium). Besides the high quality material there is also the Usual Acetate Colors like the white horn color that is the Gucci Icon that gives the three-dimensional color effect. It is available in different colors.

Gucci also engraves their metal material which enriches the metal with a vintage design. The engraving is used on the wire cores, on the temples, sometimes with a double galvanic effect, or to embellish the nose with a unique and recognizable style.

This popular luxurious eyewear brand also uses different embellishments like glitters and crystals for their female customers and enamel for their male customers.

Gucci lenses are also Unique, they come in exclusive graphics developed with Haute Couture treatments for special SKU. The Rainbow reflects is a major distinctive feature of Gucci style linked to the most iconic Gucci symbols.

Whichever Gucci collection you choose to make a lifestyle this summer or the next season Framework Eyewear is available to bring your luxurious lifestyle to you. We are a visit away!.

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